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The Master Prince's Dinner
at Villa Sainte-Helene

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Frederick Henry Prince

Originally from Boston,Mr Princemoved to Pau in 1905, after having made several preliminary exploratory stays.

He takes care of most of the expenses of the Pau Hunt, of which he becomes master in 1910. He compensates without discussion the owners whose fields have been crossed by hunting. A field usually used becomes a source of income, the compensations having benefited from a significant inflation.

Princereconstituted the crew in 1919, on his personal funds. He continues to ride his daily golf course and play polo, except on hunting days when this intrepid horseman leads his pack.

In 1921, he acquired the villa Sainte-Hélène, on the alleys of Morlaàs, which during the interwar period was the center of social life in Pau. In 1952, he donated it to the Department. 

It is now the residence of the prefect.

Extract from the book, Le Cercle Anglais.

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