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Henry de Vaufreland



His father,Auguste de Vaufrelandwas prefect of the Basses-Pyrénées in 1876, and marriedLucie Martellwhose family marked the cognac trade.Henrywas born in Paris in 1874. He turned to a military career (Saint Cyr, Saumur, the Chasseurs d'Afrique). He left the army in 1900. He arrived in Pau in December 1901. He immediately took part in the Pau Hunt hunts and was very quickly introduced to the Cercle Anglais of which he gives a picturesque description in his memoirs.

In 1904, he published an album of lithographs on the Pau Hunt. They appear in the various salons of the Circle and testify to an indisputable talent. In 1914, he commanded a squadron of the 19th Regiment of Mounted Chasseurs and obtained two citations at the orders of the army, The Cross of the Legion of Honor and the Distinguish Servic Order, presented by the King of England in person.

From 1910 to 1939, he was honored secretary of the Pau Hunt, president of the Lawn Tennis Club of Pau (1919 to 1935) and a good tennis player.

He died in 1957.

Excerpt from the book Le Cercle Anglais

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