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The Hunt Committee
& English outfits


The Hunt Committee

Composed of four members, is chaired au Pau Hunt by the Crewsman, theMaster of the Pau Houndswho combines this function with us as President of the association, which is not always the case with our English friends. The Crew Master, the Master, is responsible for maintaining traditions, keeping the riders, the pack and contact with the outside world and the rural world.

He directs the hunting action alone, to which he associates the three other members of the Hunt Committee.

He is assisted in his duties by theGasket Master, vice-president of the association sometimes called upon to replace him in the event of his absence. Then come and in order theField Masterresponsible for directing the evolution of the riders during the hunt and theHuntsman

Buttons and English outfits

The Crew brings together the "Buttons", active members who wear the outfit, English red with forest green facings and a green cloth vest for the men, a black jacket with a green collar for the ladies.

A cotton piqué tie, copper buttons with the Pau Hunt cipher, fresh butter panties, and boots (fawn and black).

Women have been ex-officio members from the start, but only very rarely practice their elegant side-saddle riding.

The cape, bomb of velvet, is worn here by all the riders whereas it was formerly, as today in England, only by the Master and his assistants, the galloping Buttons wearing the top-bat high elegant in shape but surely impractical in our exercises.

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