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The 150th Anniversary of the Pau Hunt

Hôtel de Ville de Pau

December 1990
The Crew in the salons of the Hôtel de Ville

Under the patronage of the city of Pau, the Pau Hunt celebrates a century and a half of fox hunting.

André Labarrere, Deputy Mayor andJosette Grosliere, councilor of Pau, receive the crew of the Pau Hunt.

André Labarrerehas always been careful to safeguard the originality of the city of Pau where progress and tradition coexist. He was easily convinced, good historian that he was, how much the crew had played an important role in the life of Pau. His help was acquired. She was efficient.

On December 12, the Deputy Mayor of Pau andGeorge Claverieheld a press conference at the Town Hall. For three days there will be dinners and receptions offered by the municipality and a gala evening in the prestigious and unusual setting of the Parliament of Navarre made available to Pau Hunt and his guests by the President of the General Council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

The next day these same guests were invited to the commemorative hunt at the Chenil de Berlanne under a beautiful December sun. The wives of the personalities present had the pleasure of following the adventures of Drag from afar in the magnificent four-horse carriages of the Haras Nationaux mis fort courteously at their disposal byMr. Valentine, director of the Haras de Gelos.

During these days, in an atmosphere of elegance and good taste won over by the infectious enthusiasm ofGeorge Claverie, we had the marvelous impression of reliving the past.

We were also convinced of the joys of fox hunting and the future of the Pau Hunt.

The Gala Dinner at the Parliament of Navarre

In the presence of the guests and the platoon of the Hussars of Bercheny in "1st Empire" uniform

1. Speech byBoatswain Georges Claverie.

2. TheCountess of NavaillesandMonsieur de Saint-Blanquat.

3. At the table of theBaroness d'Aristeand the Crewsman:Ladies of Oriola,Baradat,Fishing, theAttorney General Jacques, theMarquis of Ginestet, theGeneral UrwaldandMr Valentine.

4. At the tableMadame Beziatand ofMr. Burus:Ladies Leguble,Lacausse,by Gorostarzu
and theGeneral Le Guillou,Gentlemen Mas,Toulet, Daumand thecolonel valentine.

5.Mrs Danièle Boni-Claverie, surrounded bySir CoustalsandPresident Pech.

6.Mrs. Robert NancyandMr. Pierre Jonquere d'Oriola.

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